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Self-love is something I find extremely difficult. I genuinely used to ask my therapist how do I love myself in the hope that she would have an easy solution. My inner critic has always had a very strong influence in the way I think, the way I talk to myself and the way I act! Drinking certainly didn’t help and I would scoff at people who meditated or did affirmations. I’m a very impatient person who wanted one quick solution.

Now that I’ve stopped drinking, I have more clarity on how to practice self-love. I’m learning to be kinder and not put so pressure on myself by saying ‘I should be doing this or I shouldn’t have done that’. I work hard on doing things my inner critic and anxiety don’t want me to do. I meditate, exercise and do affirmations everyday even though I hate doing them because I know it’s a process. I’ve stopped comparing myself to people, cut toxic relationships and surround myself with positive people who encourage and support me. I also make sure I pay people with the same respect I would want for myself.

Lastly, my gratitude list is something I do everyday no matter what; even if my day has been shit. It helps me balance what’s going on in my mind and gives me a better perspective. Self-love is all about being patient but persistent and is something that will be constantly evolving. Practicing it every day will make it a little bit easier as time goes on but having to remind myself that it is something that needs working on and reviewing all the time.

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